In 2013-2014 the Reference Laboratory for FMD Diagnosis of the FGBI “Federal Centre for Animal Health” under the jurisdiction of the Rosselkhoznadzor arranged the holding of international proficiency testings aimed at identification of antigens and determination of antibodies to FMD virus in animal blood sera by ELISA using kits of the FGBI “ARRIAH” origin for diagnostic centres and laboratories of the Republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan.


Developed by specialists of the Testing Centre Laboratory for Chemical Analysis methodological recommendations were approved on 24 June 2014 by the Scientific Council of the FGBI “Federal Centre for Animal Health” under the jurisdiction of the Rosselkhoznadzor:

– “Methodological recommendations for determination of macro- and microelements content in muscular tissues of animals and birds by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry”;


Responsible for production, quality and labeling of pharmaceuticals Maria Kukushkina and Yekaterina Konstantinova, staff-members of the FGBI “Federal Centre for Animal Health” under the jurisdiction of the Rosselkhoznadzor, took training courses during a period from 17 May till 6 June 2014. The training was conducted at the Department for Industrial Pharmacy of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.


From 02 to 05 of June 2014 employees of FGBI “Federal Centre for Animal Health” (FGBI “ARRIAH”) which is subordinated to Rosselkhoznadzor participated in the seminar of production and scientific system “Sverdlovskaya” with the School of Advanced Studies of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan. The seminar was in Astana, Kazakhstan. FGBI “ARRIAH” was presented by Ph.D. in veterinary science Mikhail Volkov and Ph.D. in veterinary science Andrey Varkentin.


FGBI “Federal Centre for Animal Health” (FGBI “ARRIAH”) which is subordinated to Rosselkhoznadzor carried out procedure of state registration of its own trade mark (registration number 514190 of 28.05.2014). It is image of stylized globe with abbreviation “ARRIAH” and colors like Russian flag has. This image emphasizes leadership of FGBI “ARRIAH” in the veterinary area and breadth of international cooperation in the struggling with animal diseases.


Report about work Reference Laboratory for African Swine Fever FGBI "ARRIAH" in 2013 Download


In accordance with the agreement between the Rosselkhoznadzor and the US Embassy the working meeting between the American veterinary specialists and the scientists of the FGBI “ARRIAH”, Vladimir city, was held in the Centre on October 27, 2011. The US delegation was headed by Levin Flake, Senior Agricultural Attaché, US Embassy in Moscow.  The delegation included: Lisa J. Bekton, DVM, Director of Swine Health Information and Research,US National PorkBoard; Elizabeth Wagstrom, DVM, Chief Veterinarian of the US National PorkProducers Council;Gene A.


Annual International Industrial Fair “VIF-2011” is taking place from October 19 to 23, 2011 in Hanoi (Vietnam).


The 13th Russian Agroindustrial Exhibition “Golden Autumn 2011” took place from 6 till 16 October 2011 in Moscow. During ten-day period agricultural specialists could be acquainted with high technologies, engineering innovations and share expertise with colleagues at seminars and master classes.


The 5-th International SymposiumonGeospatialHealthwas heldinCartagenade Indias (Columbia) from September 29 till October 2, 2011. SuchsymposiumsareheldannuallybyGnosisGISAssociation. The aim of this Association is to share the experience between animal and public heath specialists using geospatial techniques (GIS-techniques) for analysis and forecast of animal and human disease spread. 28 specialists from Italy, USA, Denmark, Germany, Colombia, Brazil and other countries took part in the work of the symposium.


I wonder why the Agricultural Day is still considered a professional holiday. It should have been already converted into a General Holiday as there are no people who would be able to live without agricultural products. That alone would be enough to emphasize the importance of the holiday and all the more the work of agricultural workers.


Talks with Mr. М. Eriapohi, Mr. I.V. Pokrovsky, Mr. S.E. Chalov and Mrs. Yu. E. Mironova, regional representatives of the company “Pribori Oy” (Finland) were held in the FGBI “Federal Centre for Animal Health”.


Administration of the FGBI "Federal Centre for Animal Health" met with regional spokesman for Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH (Germany) Mr. Lutz Steffan on 22 September 2011 in the FGBI “ARRIAH”. The bilateral negotiations included a presentation about the Centre, its scientific potential and production capabilities. Mr. Steffan reported on innovative technologies of the company which is a recognized leader in biotechnological production.


The Meeting of representatives of African, Asian and European countries under the aegis of FAO and IAEA was held in Ethiopia (Debre Zeit) from 4 to 7 July, 2011. The Russian Federation was represented by Professor Sergey S. Rybakov, the chief expert of the FGBI “ARRIAH”.

The main aim of the meeting was to discuss issues, focused on rinderpest-free status maintenance after the notification of world freedom from the disease.


ESRI Annual User Conference was held in San-Diego (USA) from 11 to 15 July. ESRI - Environmental Systems Research Institute – is the leading developer and producer of geographic information systems (GIS). The software system ArcGIS is the basic GIS for the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), and the basis for informational veterinary systems of various countries. The FGBI “ARRIAH” is the registered ESRI user.