Status of the FGBI “Federal Centre for Animal Health” (FGBI “ARRIAH”)

The FGBI “AARIAH”   has become a Rabies Diagnostic Centre of the Russian Federation since 2000 (Order of the Veterinary Department of the RF Ministry of Agriculture No. 23 of 19 October, 2000).

In 2009 the FGBI “ARRIAH” successfully passed qualification testing carried out by the French Food Safety Agency (AFSSA), Nancy, France, and got the international accreditation for detection of antibodies to rabies virus in 2010. For the last 3 years the FGBI “ARRIAH” has participated in annual international qualification testing carried out by the AFSSA to confirm its status. Please, open the European Union site: to find the reference to the international accreditation of the FGBI “AARIAH”.


Information for animal owners

To obtain 1vetForm certificate your pet shall be vaccinated against rabies and other infections at least 30 days but no longer than one year before the scheduled departure date. This shall be taken into account by owners who are going to travel with their pets in order to select the optimal date of vaccination (


Test method

Titre of anti-rabies virus neutralizing antibodies in animal serum is determined by neutralization test in cell culture.  The duration of the test is 3-5 days.


Requirements to animal sera

Only serum samples are taken from animals vaccinated against rabies to determine titre of antibodies against rabies virus. Blood samples are collected in any approved veterinary clinic at the place of animal residence not earlier than 21 days after the last vaccination against rabies.

At least 1 ml of venous blood is collected by an injection needle into a clean tube for serum preparation. Do not add any anticoagulant! The blood sample is left at 370C for 30 minutes for clotting. Then, the blood clot is carefully detached from walls and placed into the tube at 40C for 30-60 minutes. The sample is then centrifuged at 189-335 g (1,500-2,000 rpm). The supernatant (serum) is carefully removed without disturbing the pellet after centrifugation. The serum shall be transparent white-yellow to straw-yellow in colour. Mild haemolysis (pink colour) is admissible. Amount of blood required for testing is 0.5 ml.

Whole blood or samples containing formed elements of blood, sera demonstrating apparent haemolysis (of dark-red colour), sera with sediments, cloudy sera, sera with putrefactive odour are not accepted for testing.


Rules of serum sample transportation

Sera are delivered to the FGBI “ARRAIH” at the day of the blood sample collection if possible. To do this, tubes with sera are tightly closed, sealed with the stamp of veterinary clinic where samples were collected and sera were prepared. Then, the tubes are placed in undamaged plastic bag, the bag is put in thermos with ice. Sera are stored unfrozen at 20C for not longer than 2 days before transporting to the FGBI “ARRIAH”. Sera are stored at – 200C when it is necessary to store them for more than 2 days. Frozen sera are packed for shipment to the FGBI “AARIAH” as described above. Do not freeze and thaw sera more than two times.

If samples are collected from several animals of one owner each sample (tube) are marked with name of the animal. To do this, a piece of adhesive plaster is attached to the tube and the animal name is written on it by a ball-pen.


If you can’t bring the sample by yourself, for example, due to the long distance you can send it by DHL courier mail ( The sample is packed as described above.


Accompanying letter to the FGBI “ARRIAH”

Serum samples for testing for rabies antibodies are accompanied with the letter signed and stamped by veterinarian of the veterinary clinic where the samples were collected. The accompanying letter shall contain the following key data:

  • 1. Type of sample, number of samples, it is preferable to indicate the amount of sera
  • 2. Information on animal owner: full name, detailed address with postal code, contact telephone number.
  • 3. Information on animal.
  • 3.1. Animal passport data: passport number, animal species, animal name, sex, birth date, microchip number.
  • 3.2. Data on inoculations against rabies, date of the last vaccination, date of blood collection for testing for antibodies against rabies virus. It is preferable to indicate number of anti-rabies vaccination sessions (for example, the animal is vaccinated once or the animal is vaccinated several times).

A copy of veterinary passport for animal (a page with data on the animal and the owner, page with data on the last vaccination against rabies), signed and stamped by veterinarian of the veterinary clinic shall be attached to the accompanying letter.


Receiving of materials for testing


 Sera for testing for antibodies against rabies virus are submitted to the Pathological Material Receiving Point of the FGBI “ARRIAH”. The Point operates from 8:00 till 15:30. If you can’t bring the materials during the operation hours, please, notify the Laboratory on Rabies and Prion Diseases in advance. The telephone number is given below.

A contract on testing shall be concluded with the Commercial Department of the FGBI “ARRIAH” (Sales Unit). All information required for the contract may be provided in advance by phone. The telephone numbers are as follows:


Sales Unit: (4922) 2-15-51, 26-15-25, 26-15-15.


To consult on testing for antibodies against rabies virus, please, phone to the Laboratory on Rabies and Prion Diseases. The telephone numbers are as follows: (4922) 26-19-88, 26-15-22, extension number: 23-33.

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