Laboratory for FMD Prevention

Dmitry V. Mikhalishin
Head of the Laboratory
Dmitry V. Mikhalishin
Candidate of Science (Veterinary Medicine)
Contact details: 

Tel.:8 (4922) 26-15-12

Extension: 23-40

Main areas of Laboratory’s activities:

  • development and improvement of inactivated virus vaccine technologies;
  • study of a mechanism of adjuvant effect, search for new inactivating agents and optimization of virus inactivation procedure for vaccine production, preparation of new production strains.

Biological preparations, developed and produced in the Laboratory:

  • mono- and polyvalent sorbat vaccines against all 7 FMD virus types
  • mono- and polyvalent emulsion vaccines against FMD
  • anti-rabies inactivated cultural liquid vaccine  from “ARRIAH” strain.