The Journal of Veterinary Science Today (Veterinariâ segodnâ) subscription has commenced since September 1, 2014 (See Newspapers and Journals Catalogue of the OAO Rospechat Agency for subscription for the first and second half-year period of 2015).

Subscription index - 70460, subscription fee for half-year period (two issues of the Journal) - 1520 roubles. The Journal can be subscribed in any Russian Post office.

Manager for the Journal subscription and distribution: Igor Alpatov, tel: +7 925 357 20 61

Address of the Editorial office and founder of the Journal of Veterinary Science Today (Veterinariâ segodnâ)
600901,  Vladimir, mcr. Yur’evets, Federal Governmental State Financed Institution “Federal Centre for Animal Health” (FGBI “ARRIAH”)

(FGBI “ARRIAH”), tel/fax: 8-4922-26-15-73, e-mail: